3 Fantastic Automatic Knives

In recent weeks, we've talked a lot about the history of automatic knives (or switchblades) and the strict laws surrounding the manufacture, import, and sales of these tools. Even with these limiting laws, automatic knives stay incredibly popular among adventurers, nature lovers, hunters, fishermen, and collectors.

A switchblade is still the ultimate hunting and survival knife, as well as a multipurpose tool that can come in handy in all sorts of situations. So, if you're on the hunt for a new and shiny automatic knife, here are 3 fantastic options that will be a great addition to your collection.

1. Cutter // Carbon - $84.99
Compact and inconspicuous, Cutter is Tekto's smallest and subtlest sliding knife. Precisely because of its size, it is usually a great choice for those who are looking for their first automatic knife and want to start small. Cutter fits perfectly inside a pocket, purse or even on a keychain – it's that small and lightweight.

But don't let Cutter's size fool you. This knife is just as powerful as some of its larger counterparts. Its blade is made out of 440 stainless steel, the handle is zinc aluminum and it employs the latest spring technology that makes it easy to use and even easier to fall in love with. Cutter Carbon is also one of our most affordable automatic knives which is another advantage for those who don't want to spend too much on a knife.

2. Slit - $167.99 (discontinued) 
We decided to give this knife a menacing name to match its menacing look. Slit truly looks deadly and dangerous and it will look impressive in your collection. However, this automatic knife is more than just for show. Aside from looking attractive, Slit is a highly functional every-day carry knife that will serve you in all sorts of situations – whether you need to cut off a snagged thread off your sweater or filet a fish in the woods.

Slit's striking and sharp blade is made from 440 stainless steel, it's 57 HRC hard, and the handle is crafted from zinc aluminum alloy. On top of the essentials, Slit also features a glass window breaker for emergencies and a hip clip so it's discreet and easy to carry.

3. Rapid - $168.99
Rapid is classic in our collection and a lot of novice knife enthusiasts choose it as their first knife. Quite simply, Rapid looks like the prototype of a sliding knife. It has a classic, sleek design without too many details but it still looks powerful and intimidating. Due to its weight (0.70lbs), Rapid feels substantial in your hand while being easy to carry and use.

Rapid also features a 440 stainless steel blade and a black aluminum alloy handle, but unlike Cutter and Slit, this knife has a cool-looking and practical serrated blade. Add the latest spring technology, a non-slip handle, a glass window breaker and a hip clip to it, and it becomes clear why Rapid is the full package and a popular choice among knife lovers.

These three fantastic knives are just some of our popular products, but there are many more waiting for you in our store. Whether you're a collector, and EDC enthusiast or a true adventurer, we're sure you will find a great automatic knife in our collection that will match your style and needs.

Check out our store and find the perfect automatic knife for you!