Types of Facial Masks We Loved

While life is slowly rolling back towards a certain degree of normalcy, it’s obvious mask-wearing is here to stay for the foreseeable near future. And while in the beginning many of us declared war against wearing masks, eventually we all learned to live with them - and even like them. Some helped turn the humble mask into fashion wear while others used tactical masks like activated carbon masks as survival gear. And teenagers did what they do best .. cruise around in masks with LED lights flashing emojis and custom messages. Life went on and evolution happened right under our noses. The humble blue mask evolved faster than tech and went from the mundane safety mask to more futuristic copper masks and activated carbon masks. The market exploded with countless varieties of masks and their sales figures reached unprecedented highs. 

3 Types Of Masks That We Actually Loved

Not surprisingly there are more styles of masks to choose from as fashion designers and retailers come up with innovative and better form, style, and functionality. These days you can get a cloth mask to compliment any outfit you can think of. Designers and engineers have worked together to improve comfortability and breathability. And they went from 20 cents apiece to a mind-boggling $961. Anyone remember the Louis Vuitton face shield?

Surgical Masks

I doubt whether these masks need any further introduction. Post-COVID-19, they have been the most well-known thing on earth. We’ve seen them on everyone from J Lo to Jennifer Anniston, Daniel Craig to Rege Jean Page. These masks saved the day, and are still one of the most reliable army cadets to help hold the fort. You can depend on one at any time. They’re still great when the cloth masks are in the laundry. Yep, we love ‘em.

Cloth Masks

Right at the time when people were starting to get sick of smelly masks, came the prettier cloth version - the favorite of most, especially women and kids, and even men like me. There are many reasons to prefer these masks over all others. Firstly the design aspect counts. At a time when negativity spread quicker and deeper than the virus itself, these fresh designs were a breath of fresh air. They somehow helped lift the gloom. Not just that, the World Health Organization actually recommended wearing them. These pretty soldiers held the line and helped reduce the transmission rate.

Tactical Masks

Tactical masks are nothing new. They’ve been used by the army and survival enthusiasts for years. The army-grade protective gear led the way for innovation that eventually led to activated carbon masks and copper masks with vents. These advance-engineered tactical masks hold big promises for the future. Recent scientific studies like the one by New England Journal are strongly indicating that masks with copper filters may actually be able to protect us more. It shows that copper kills bacteria and germs on contact and even the coronavirus after a few hours.

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Note: Vaccination is currently the number 1 way to protect yourself and your loved ones. Masks are greatly useful at helping reduce transmission and staying safe to a certain degree.